Upgrade from a 5770 (INC. 7970 Discussion)

Going for two questions in one thread effectively.
First question being, what would be an ideal upgrade from a 5770 x 2 Crossfire setup? Looking to get a pretty sizeable performance increase.

Second question, how will the estimated pricing of the 7970 change over time. Is there much chance of it dropping price moderately soon? When is Nvidia releasing their new cards and will this affect 7970 price? I ask because obviously I would love a 7970 as a replacement for my current setup!

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  1. i went from a single 5770 to a 7970, and am very happy about it. so i personally consider it the ideal upgrade path.

    since they are selling out right now at $550+ they will stay there until AMD thinks they get more profit which will be about a month after the nvidia 600 series comes out. so in 3-5 months. hopefully not more
  2. Your crystal Ball is as clear as mine....
  3. They're £420+ which is £643.6USD here in the UK. Kinda sucks. Could get one shipped from the US for like £325. But then theres shipping and tax, I think...
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