What GPU, CPU combo should i go with?

Im stuck between a i3 2100 CPU and a GTX 560 ti or should i go something like an i5 2500k/2400 and a 6870/6850. Should i go for a better CPU and lesser graphics card or better graphics card and lesser CPU. I have a Z68 motherboard picked out for the build and i'll play on 1920x1080 if that helps at all

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  1. CPU won't bottleneck in either, so go for the better graphics card, the 560ti.
  2. I would probably go with a core i5 2500k and 6870 my self, but my friend had no complaints with his 13 2120, it depends on how you use your computer but they are both fine cpus :D
  3. Depends on the resolution of your monitor , and whether you do anything else besides gaming .

    The 560 ti is the tempting option , but keep in mind that there are now better cards coming available in that price range . The Radeon 7850 should be decent step up
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