Is this a solid start?

So a guy on craigslist is selling his custom pc that he was building. I was about to buy some parts for my own but this would make it easier and probaly cheaper being he needs to sell it fast. Let me know what you think. AMD Athlon dual core 3.1
Nvidia Graphics card (not shown in pictures)
Dual Bios Gigabyte Turbo 3D motherboard
500 gb hard drive
4 gb ddr gaming memory(expandable up to 16gb)
windows xp, dvd drive
3 auxilary led fans and 550 power supply
cooler master case.

He was vague on some things which I just emailed him about. But in general for 375 do you think it would be a solid and efficent start for me. Thanks.
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    not worth anything unless he can supply details IMO
  2. Lol tru dat. I'll let you know when he responds. But hey just off the case psu and hard drive looking at what 150? I need to make sure it's ddr3 and thats another 20 bucks or so. Drive is about 15 bucks. Need to see about the Amd which will make the diff. Know anything about that Motherboard? Graphics I'm guessing isn't so good if he didn't mention the name but hey we shall see:P
  3. a dual core athlon clocked at 3.1 is 3 or 4 years old, at least and it wasn't a top line chip then phenoms were. Its a Socket am2 or 2+ board. Its not really the start of a modern system unless you like the case. Its the sort of thing I would buy off of someone I know didn't abuse it and wasn't having issues with hardware to reinstall the OS and give to a kid cousin or grandma for emailing. The power supply will probably be ok.
  4. Yeah I decided to go with another build.
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