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What is cpu bottleneck?

What is cpu bottleneck?

i have a pentium 4 3GHz processor. i am planning to buy a high end graphics card about $100. Will My processor cause any problems with the card?
help me..
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  1. why you want to buy it?if its for play modern games you have to buy an new pc..
  2. For $100 you're looking at a 6750 or 6770. Those are pretty good cards for older systems like yours.

    What are your full specs? Like how much RAM do you have?
  3. i have 1GB ram
    intel pentium 4 3Ghz
    intel 102gg2c motherboard
    450W max power output PSU
  4. Well if you buy, say, a 6670 and maybe a 2x1gb DDR2 RAM set, you should be able to get by in games.

    It would help a lot if you also play at lower resolution, like 1280x1024.
  5. i have a CRT monitor of 1024x768 resolution. Can I Play with these cards?
  6. Yeah for sure, but again, I think you'll find your system is a lot better if you buy a little more RAM. I'm assuming you have a 2x512mb kit, so if you buy a 2x1gb kit, with 3gb RAM on that system, you'll be in a good spot to play some games.

    A 6670 would be a pretty good card for that monitor.
  7. i think you need more ram
    but ya give it a shot.
  8. Radeon HD 6670 is 1GB DDR5 pci-e 2.1x16 card

    my motherboard specification says it has DDR2 Ram and only says pci-e x16 slot. How do i know whether it is 2.0 or 2.1.

    is there any problem if my slot is 2.0.

    my mobo is Intel 102GGC2. i dont know pci-e version. Help me?
  9. PCIe are all backwards compatible so that won't make a difference.

    The DDR2 RAM means you have to buy that type for the motherboard, but GPU RAM type has no effect on this.
  10. My Mobo says PCI-E x16

    is it 2.0 ,lesser or greater?
  11. x16 is the slot size, which is what you want. Your motherboard is probably 2.0, but like I said it won't matter. A 2.1 card will work in a 2.0 slot.
  12. can you get exact specification for Intel 102GGC2 motherboard Pcie slot,
    i have a lot of stress about this.

    i am worried if radeon hd 6670 ddr5 1gb pcie 2.1 (x16) works on my board.

    i really like this card. will you please check?
  13. so , should i lock on this card?

    are you positive that my board or intel P4 wont cause any problem?

    i am going to spend money for radeon hd 6670. OK
  14. The card will fit and work with the board... but you will have a CPU bottleneck still, simply because that Pentium 4 is just too old.
    -I'd assume you're running XP as well, most likely 32-bit OS so you'll only be able to use 3GB of total RAM (including your video card RAM) in the system effectively (to check this, right click 'my computer' and click properties, then read the info). If you are just looking to spend a little money to limp the system along to play some moderately new games, you could get a cheap card...
    -ANY PCI-Express x16 card will fit and work, I ran a 2.1 card on an older board before without issue.

    If you are willing to spend a bit more, you would be better off starting off with a new PC, even at a low budget... These new games today need multi-core processors to keep up with them.
  15. The P4 is old, yeah, but it's not so bad. The 6670 is a good match for it, and he has a low res monitor. Sure he won't be able to play 64 player online BF3 matches, but he will be able to enjoy many, many games.

    The RAM thing is true, though it's closer to 3.5gb useable on 32 bit OS. Either way, like I said, he should upgrade with 2x1gb for 3gb total... seriously, OP. Do it.

    $23 for the RAM:
  16. True, almost anything can game at 1024x768... Still, I'd spend $100 on the existing PC at most, or more elsewhere.
  17. So guys can go ahead with it?
    Can i Book It?
    which asus, msi, evga, sapphire, xfx?
  18. i have pendium 4 and when i run Command & Conquer: Generals (2003 game) 30min the game runs slower and slower.. what games can he play? pendium 4 isnt even good for web browsing... i think it doesnt worth to upgrade..but the choice is yours...
  19. ^yeah but he can re-use the video card if and when he gets a new system, so it's only the ram that gets wasted and at $23 it's not much...
  20. though he can only use 2gigs max:
    • Two 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) sockets
    • Support for DDR2 533 MHz and DDR2 400 MHz DIMMs
    • Support for up to 2 GB of system memory

    But i think it would still be worth the ram upgrade...
  21. Kari said:
    ^yeah but he can re-use the video card if and when he gets a new system, so it's only the ram that gets wasted and at $23 it's not much...

    yeah but when he decide to get a new system posibly that gpu will not be balance with cpu.. i think he have to wait to save money and get a new balance cpu-gpu system! this is my opinion!
  22. ^true but the chances are he's not going to buy a $300 cpu anyways...
  23. even a sb i3 who cost $125 isnt balance...
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    Well on the cheap side, AMD is still boss for the simple fact that while a PII X4 955 is around the same cost as an i3, the 955 can get OCed while the i3 is a locked core.

    Anyway, OP should be fine... sorta. It's a pretty old rig but hey, maybe he's interested in old games?
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