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Hi all.
Its been a long time since i've been up to date on the latest pc hardware. Im not sure how AMD cpu's compare to Intel or how NVIDIA cards compare to ATI these days.
These are the 5 PC's ive narrowed it down too. Im looking to get the most out of my $1000 tax refund. I want to play Star wars: The Old Republic MMO on the best possible settings I can get for my money.

PC 1

PC 2

PC 3

PC 4
PC 5

Or if know of any better deals for under 1000$ Canadian on Tigerdirect or any other website.
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  1. For gaming the PC 3 is the more recommended because it have the best video card from all 5 PC's.
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    They all suck. It's much better and cheaper to build your own pc. You can build a much better computer for that kinda of money. If your interested I can put together something for you. I'm a Canadian and we have to look out for each other, I'll look for some good deals and put something together for you.

    My Build

    GPU -
    cpu -
    ram -

    total $900 and this will blow away any prebuilt POS away, and that's not inclusing about $60 in MIR.

    And here is a video of Paul showing you how it's done as icing on the cake
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