Recently, I bought a MSI GTX 560 ti Hawk for my pc build, and I put everything together. I'm currently trying to overclock it with MSI's Afterburner but after a bit of use, I noticed something weird. It names my GPU as just a GeForce 560 ti, and doesn't label it as HAWK edition.

I searched on youtube and somebody has the exact same graphics card as me (, but on his Afterburner, it is labeled as MSI NGTX560-ti Hawk.

Is there anything wrong with this or can I just overclock it and nothing bad should happen?
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    Probably need a newer version, possibly Beta version of MSI Aftreburner for the "HAWK" to show up.

    That being said' i'ts not a requirement for OCing, BUT you really don't need to bother with the HAWK editions. They already run at 950mhz and most 560ti chips wont do much more then that as it is. You might get lucky and push 1ghz but that's about it.
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