Will the thermaltake tr2 430w suffice?

Hello everyone,

I have a Thermaltake tr2 430w 12v 2.2 and i was wondering if it is enough for my PC
(i use it for gaming, Skyrim, Mafia 2 etc.)

Intel Core i3 2100 @ 3.1 ghz
Saphire radeon HD 6850
1 tb HDD
mouse, keyboard
Acer motherboard (not sure about specs)
1 CD drive
Thermaltake tr2 430w 12v 2.2

I'm new to computer stuff so im not really sure if theres anything else i should include. I dont really want to upgrade my PSU, but i will if i have to.
Also thought i should say that it runs fine right now, no wierd noises, Skyrim on ultra settings around 40 FPS.
Please help me out?
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  1. You have just enough power for your setup.
  2. thanks for the quick response
    i have just been reding some reviews about this PSU and some of them are saying that is a really bad PSU...i'm not sure if this is true?
  3. Thermaltake is not known for their PSU, but not all of them are bad. If yours works, just be happy with it.
  4. Great thanks!
    But it wont blow up or anything?i dont want to sacrifice my gfx card or somtrhing because i didnt want to buy a new PSU.
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