Can i upgrade my laptop cpu?

i have a toshiba satellite C655D - s5041 and i need to know if i can upgrade the cpu? i have a single core and it is unbearable at this point. its either upgrade the cpu or sell this computer for a different computer. can anyone help me? i cant find if i can upgrade it or not!
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  1. does anyone know?
  2. There are two version the intel version can be upgraded because it uses the socket method (but probably expensive unless you source from eBay) and the AMD version has a processor soldered on to the board making it incredibly difficult if not impossible to do, according to the extension on your laptops model no#: (s5041) I think you have the AMD version.
  3. yeah i do have the amd version. which means its soldered on. alright thanks for the information.
  4. no problem.
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