PC keeps crashing when starting game

I have built three identical rigs with the following config:
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3
CPU: Intel i5-2400 3.1GHz
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 550Ti (GV-N550D5-1GI)
RAM: 2x 2GB DDR3 Ballistix Tactical
PSU: Codegen Qori 550W ATX
Op. sys: Win 7 x64

The problem is when starting game (any game, the problem is not game specific) pc just shuts down, without no warning, without no beeps, without no BSODs. Just shuts down momentarily at the moment when the game environment starts rendering.

At first I suspected that the rigs got unsufficient power supply. To rule out this issue I put the graphics card on nearly maximum load with FurMark. Furmark displayed GPU load to be ~90-100% all the time, also the temperatures were rising and fan was reacting respectively. As a result I concluded that the PSU was not the issue. As far as I have read an unsufficient power output should not cause the whole pc to shut down but cause the graphics card to output lower fps as it doesnt get enough power.

Next I downloaded the latest Nvidia Drivers. Before installing new drivers I completely removed the old ones: uninstalled nvidia software and drivers, used driver sweeper to delete anything found on pc related to Nvidia drivers (audio and graphics), checked that the nvidia drivers were replaced with microsoft generic drivers after reboot. Confirming all that I proceeded installing the newest Nvidia drivers for GTX 550Ti. I chose Custom Install and Checked "Clean installation" option. Evertything was installed corretly. After reboot the problem still persists.

Tried two different games: Minecraft and Battlefield 2 Bad Company.
On Minecraft the pc shuts down just a fraction of second after the menu appears.
On BF 2 Bad Company pc shuts down just before the game environment starts rendering (didnt see any rendered image). Like if starting a campaign, it shows the story, titles and just when it is to display the actual environment it shuts down just fraction of second before it shows anything.

I found some soultions where it was told that the problem is related to Nvidia hd audio drivers. They suggested disabling or uninstalling the nvidia hd audio driver. I did so, tried disabling and uninstalling, but nothing went better.

If anyone has some clue what is causing this issue, please share your thoughts.

I have also sent the descripiton of the issue to Gigabyte Support, but I am still waiting response.
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  1. Also an additional note - just before the crash you can hear a quiet fizzy/rustling noise coming from the monitor. The monitors are also brand new LG IPS235V-BN IPS LED 23". The issue cannot be in the monitor, because you can surf the internet, play online games, edit documents, spreadsheets and do all this usual stuff and everything works just fine. The problem comes up when trying to play a PC game (any game). This applies to all three custom built rigs.
  2. Anyone?! Some thoughts on what to try/test next?

    Is it possible that the issue is caused by 64bit Windows 7?
    BIOS config should not be the cause because as far as I have had experience with computers, everything has been working fluently out of box.
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