Finally Build, anything i can do to cut costs?

CPU - Intel Core i3 2100 ($99.99)

Motherboard - Gigabyte Z68 Motherboard ($99.99)

RAM - Kingston 8GB RAM ($29.99)

Optical Drive - LG DVD Drive ($15.99)

Power Supply - Raidmax Hybrid 530w ($39.99)

Case - Diablotek Diamond Case ($29.99)

Hard Drive - Western Digital 250 GB Hard Drive Open Box ($35.96)

Video Card - Refurbished MSI Twin Frozr 560 TI ($214.99)

Operating System - Windows 7 ($99.99)

I went for a build around $650, i have a 1920x1080 monitor if you need to know that
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  1. I would prolly go with a higher quality power supply actually. If you are a gamer, and you want to use all of that video card I would also prolly go up to an I5 proc.
  2. I suggest this setup because you said it is for gaming.
    i5 2500K is still the best for gaming and you will have the chance to overclock the CPU later on with the MOBO included in this kit. It is enough for your $650.00 budget.
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