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I just recently put together two systems. System One has an ATHLON TBird 1.4GHZ processor on a Shuttle mainboard Model AK12A, 40 GB Western HD, with 512 MB PC133 memory. System Two has a ATHLON TBird 1.33 GHZ processor on an ECS mainboard Model K7VZA version 1, 9 GB Western HD, with 512 MB PC133 memory.

I attempted to install windows2000 on both systems and could not because they would freeze during the system configuration process after the OS is installed. Both systems freeze around the same portion of the install process. I attempted the install several times with the same results. No matter what I attempted I could not get beyond the same pint where the system froze. I tried re-partitioning and reformatting the drive, formatted with NTFS then tried again with FAT. After that I attempted to install Windows Me. I partitioned & formatted the drive and installed Windows ME. The install was successful but both systems are extremely unstable. I can not install software with out the systems crashing at least a couple of times before I can successfully install software. Both systems also tend to crash when sitting idle. I'm a fairly advances users and have tried all that I can think of to both load Win2K and get Windows Me to be stable but nothing has worked. Not removing all but the video card and CD ROM and HD so that the systems are bare, nor changing the CMOS configuration.
I was beginning to think that it was the mainborads and chips but both are acting so similarly and the mainboards are from different manufactures that chips are not the same that I'm at a loss at this point.

Can anyone lead me in a directions so that I might find some solutions to my issues, other that tossing these systems out of a tall building.

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  1. Well, WinME is mad unstable to begin with. Your problem certainly is odd. Are you using the same win2k cd for both comps? if so, that's probably ur problem.

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