I5 2500K stuck at 16X

I have i5 2500K with Z68 GD55 G3 mobo
the multiplier of the cpu stuck at 16X in idle or load


my mobo lost on of its capacitor when moving it to new case
the cpu works with stock fan/speed
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  1. A bit risky....but u can buy a new high quality capacitor of equal rating for really cheap and fix it back yourself. Hope you have a friend who has a low wattage thin tip solder, and who's good at soldering in tight spaces :)

    Other than that, you can try claiming warranty on the mobo, but they might reject it on the grounds of physical damage:(
  2. i found the capacitor it's just taken off not broke but i dont know where ^_^
    can this capacitor make the cpu stuck ??
  3. Most probably:) Capitors are used either for filtering AC noise, or as a charge resovior.
  4. so this capacitor can wait :) but whats about the main problem ??
  5. mohammadnb1990 said:
    so this capacitor can wait :) but whats about the main problem ??

    No i think u misunderstood me...i mean to say that the missing cap IS probably the reason why ur stuck at x16. :)

    Another rare possibility is that ur BIOS is not at the latest version.....u can try flashing it with the latest BIOS to see if it helps, but then again with a missing cap it can be very risky !!
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