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Geforce 525 2GB vs 540 1GB

howdy, im thinking of buying a toshiba satellite however i dont know which one to get.

THeres the L750/0LM:

and the P750/02J

Main differences:

P750 has a NVIDIA® GeForce GT 540M w/Optimus 1GB with 4 gb of RAM

The L750 has a NVIDIA® GeForce GT 525M 2GB with 8 gb of RAM

The question: Will the GT 525 2GB with 8 g of Ram be better than the 540 1 GB with 4 G of RAM or will they kinda weigh each other out.

I want a good allrounder laptop so im leaning towards the P750 only cause it has the higher number :P and i don't think RAM will make a big difference.

One last thing, i was actually going to buy a HP DV6/7 but after reading all the complaints im now leaning towards the toshiba. Was that the right move? I need a laptop that will last a good 3-5 years and an overheating HP doesnt sound that great.

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  1. If you are planning gaming on the laptop you gain from the GT540M, everything else would gain from the 8GB ram and higher CPU speed.
  2. Go for the more powerful graphic card, gt540m. Rams are cheap and easy to install, if you want more, you can always buy them.
  3. rolli59 said:
    everything else would gain from the 8GB ram and higher CPU speed.

    I would disagree, most software does not gain anything with a faster cpu or more ram. But yes go with the 540m.
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    go with the 540m

    you'd be very stressed to use more than 4 gb of ram either way since the 525 can't even play any demanding games which is where most people's ram would be used.
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  6. thanks guys, yeah i never thought the ram would make that much of a difference and besides... i need a decent graphics card to play Diablo 3 :P even on medium settings. Cheers
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