Will thermaltake frio fit in cm elite 370

i was thinking of buying thermal take frio but i wanted to ask u guyz wether or not the thermal take frio will fit in my cm elite 370.I have an asus maximus formula x38 motherboard and core 2 quuad q9400 processor and a gtx 460 1gb graphic card.
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  1. The Thermaltake Frio is 165mm tall i.e. 6.5". The CM elite is 7.5" wide.
    Chances are slim, but it might just fit.
    One thing you could do is measure the length between the top of the CPU(the chip itself) to the side panel, see if you can get a rough estimate.
    Also, measure the space behind the motherboard tray as well.
  2. guys any one else can help me with this i would really appreciate.I m still stuck on this.
  3. the frio is a pain in the assssssssss to install, especially if you dont have that much room, imo go with the hyper 212 evo and get a second fan, i had both and the evo was easier to manage and cooled alot better about 5c less. hope this helps
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