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Computer cannot read graphics card

hi, today i have finished building my first rig

everything is running correctly except for my graphics card. my computer cannot recognize it thus i am unable to install the driver for it.

i have a gigabyte z68 mobo & 2500k with a 700 watts psu, and my gpu is msi gtx 560 ti twin frozr ii oc

this is the website i downloaded the driver from

one last question, the gpu is said to use two 6 pin connector. however, the gpu provided me with two 5 pin connector. instead, i used an actual two 6 pin connector provided with my mobo. also, the one provided with the gpu extends out into two 3 pin connector.

thanks for your help
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  1. If you have a 700 Watt PSU then you should not be using adapter cables provided by the video card or the motherboard. Anything over 600 Watts is definitely an enthusiast level PSU and should have twin PCI-E 6 pin cables already hardwired. There should be no need for adapters.

    If you have a modular power supply then use those cables.

    Can you link the PSU you purchased?
  2. oh i forgot to mention, the gpu fans are working

    here are all my specs
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    That OCZ Modstream pro should work fine.

    The fact that the fans are moving does not mean much.

    Per their website the two 6pin PCI-E cables are modular and from the pics I see the connectors appear to be colored red.

    Hook those two up to the PSU in the correct ports then plug the other ends into the videocard can try booting again.

    *NOTE* each of those cables have a 2 pin adapter which changes the 6pin in to an 8 pin. Do not use the 2 pin. Just plug in the base 6 pin connectors.
  4. i did and the same problem is occuring :/
  5. turns out, i didnt push the gpu into the board enough (no click sound)
    however, when i did manage to push it in correctly, nothing was displayed on my screen
  6. never mind it works now
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