Crossfire trouble shooting

well to start i got 2 new diamond radeon HD 6870 and i wish to crossfire theme but there is no crossfire tab in ccc and i wus looking around on the net for help and the only thing that made sense was that one of the cards bios whas bad or corrupt. and i am new to corssfiring so i have no idea whats going on and why. my pc specs mutherboard:MSI 890fxa-gd70 CPU:AMD phenom 2 955 black x 4 PSU:corsair TX850 RAM: Patriot division 2 DDR3 1600mhz two 4gig sticks. and i appreciate any support you guys and girls give
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  1. lol i just look't at my post and its all mest up i didn't put much info about what i did and how but iv been up for 25 hours tring to fix this problem so if you guys need any more info ill be happy to post back
  2. did you put the crossfire bridge on the cards?
  3. lol man for got to add that one and
    yes i did
  4. i dont think i need to do any thing in the bios
  5. iv been looking around on my pc for any thing that maybe causing it to not crossfire but i did find this in the gpu-z bothe my cards are thare and when i look the bus interface one is PCI_E 2.0 x16@x2 1.1 and the other is PCI-E 2.0x16@x8 2.0 idont know if thay should be the same or not
  6. that should be ok tho my knowledge of crossfire is very limited.
  7. np man ill take any advice you guy have
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