Split streaming issues with windows 7 comp and hdtv


I stream shows, videos,and tv from my computer to my HDTV using an old method that involved configuring the windows display to allow me to display the entire computer screen onto my hdtv. It was a process that involved me pressing the "windows+p button to switch displays from both the tv to the hdtv etc.

However, one night when I was watching the power went out, and now i cannot get a stream from either my computer or my hdtv when I turn on my computer. Instead, my moniter immediately goes into "power-saving mode"when I turn the computer on. As the power went off while I was in "streaming mode" it remains that way even after I turn or restart the computer.

However, I get no picture from my computer to the HDTV either! It seems to be stuck in some weird median between the two because of my settings. I thought the options I had were pre-set to the specific moniter I was using however, the problem still remains the same despite switching monitors. Does anyone have suggestions or a solution to the problem? I have scoured the internet and cannot find anyone with a similar problem to mine, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. You probably need to reset the configuration. Disconnect the HDTV from the computer and restart it. The computer should determine that there is only one display connected and send the display to the monitor only.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Unfortunately this was my first idea, however it did not work. : /. I'm really at a loss here. All of your typical solutions have been to no avail so far.
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