Where to buy a ATI 5970?

I already had one from two years ago, but I want to get another one to crossfire with the current one, since I dont think the 6 series is even a good upgrade from my 5970 yet. I noticed that there are no stock anywhere. Is this card discontinued a long time ago?
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  1. Yes it is discontinued. Check ebay (I sold one there not long ago).
  2. its been discontinued for a while.

    and I wouldn't recommend cross firing it, quad xfire doesn't always make things better.
  3. When a new series comes out the old series is discontinued.

    The Radeon HD 7000 series has just been released so that means AMD has stopped producing the Radeon HD 6000 series.

    Good luck finding a HD 5970, I think some will appear on eBay since hardcore gamers (with money) generally like to upgrade their PCs more often than typical gamers.
  4. Ebay.
    But as a owner of Quadfire 5970's don't do it, if you want to go that route buy a 5870 and go trifire far less issues and does not suffer regular negative scaling problems that plague quadfire setups
  5. Would anybody recommend the ATI 7990 thats going to be released Q1 2012? Would that have a much better upgrade advantange than xfiring two 5970s, or even the 7970?
  6. dual 7970
  7. Yes I would advise waiting for the new series to be out a few months. This gives different companies a chance to offer reference and non reference versions (OC and advanced cooling options). I know many people enjoy and use multi gpu solutions. For myself I have always found a version of a single gpu that would run my games at the resolutions I required. I suggest you look at the best single gpu card you can afford and that your system will support.
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