Should I reseat the CPU fan?

Hey community,

So just this morning, I decided that my stable 4.5 clock on my 2500K was a bit warm for the summer, so I took off all added voltage and lowered the clock down to 4.3. I've been running prime 95 for maybe half an hour now and I'm getting temperatures on all cores a bit less than 60C. Of course I plan to run prime95 for longer than this, but I was wondering if these temps were maybe a bit high.

I'm running a 2500K with a 212+ on it, with 2 120MM fans on it. I'm also running a NZXT Vulcan, which is a smaller case, but I've got alot of fans running in it.

Also, if I were to reseat it, how long does thermal grease last? I've got some Arctic Silver, but its probably a month or 2 old.

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    You don't have to reseat it or change the cooler, even 60C is pretty nice and you'll never hit that load that the Prime95 does, just forget about it and work normally :P
  2. Alright thanks ilysaml! I guess I'll just keep it as is!
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