What is approx. cost of and blue tooth hardware

I have desktop with 2.4 Ghz. Intel Pentium $ processor. I do not have blue tooth or wi-fi
I hve read on one website that with bluetooth USB dongle I can have blue tooth for US $ 2.70 only.
Is that all is needed too have blue tooth ?
I would also like to know cost of wi-fi infrastructure on my desktop
Thanking you.
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  1. First of all.
    Both those devices are different.
    The Bluetooth can be used for communication with other devices (Bluetooth Enabled) eg. Phones, headsets, etc etc. Depending on the protocols you activate in the software.

    The WiFi apparatus is different since it's used more widely for Networking setups.

    Infrastructure :) is basically the mode in which a WiFi router is setup when you set it up as an access point.
    WiFi infrastructure for a simple man is the use of a WiFi USB dongle or a WiFi router .
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