Gateway NX860X, Windows 7 64-bit and GeForce Go 7600 buggery!

System Specifications: Gateway NX860X, 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, 4G RAM
The driver being used is version

The issue: The screen goes black while playing games. It does not display an error message, the black screen does not recover to anything, and I need to manually restart my computer every time. The games in question are Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Deus Ex, and Silent Hill 3. I've only had SH3 do this once, whereas San Andreas is starting to crash almost immediately upon loading into a server (I play SA:MP). I'm not a techie or I wouldn't be here but I'm pretty sure this is a GPU failure caused by incompatible drivers or overheating.

I've installed nTune with the NVIDIA MonitorView. MonitorView displays a constant 0dC temperature for the GPU and all voltage fields say 'not reported'. I've slid the nTune slider to the 'performance' side.

My understanding is there are huge compatibility problems with Windows 7 and the Go 7600. I've seen threads where people have provided fixes for this for specific manufacturers (HP, Vaio) concerning updating to a certain driver version and a tweaked config file. I'm hoping for similar help, thank you.
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  1. Try downloading drivers from here:

    Report if it helps!
  2. I saw someone post about using UK drivers. Unfortunately for me this page won't load. I've tried several GeForce drivers with no luck so far.
  3. In auto-detect it says my drivers are current, what should I be looking for?
  4. Don't do auto detect, download it manually after selecting your video card. Then just press download, and when installing click "Clean Install". Hope it helps.

    Also, download HWMonitor after doing the driver thingy, and check the temperatures. If it's not listing, try gaming with PC side taken off.
  5. The only driver for my card is the one I'm already using, which is what the site directs me to, GeForce Release 179 for Notebooks.
  6. Yea, you should download it and click for "Clean Install". It might fix the problems you're experiencing..
  7. Does nothing. The problem, I've read, is the current driver for GeForce Go 7600 not working properly with Windows 7 after a certain update. I downloaded an older driver (174.93) and gave it an install and my computer still froze after seconds of 3D gaming, requiring a hard boot. After rebooting, everything was 800x600 and fucky as hell. I'm willing to try more drivers but I'm hoping someone with experience in this can point me in a direction.
  8. I just tried .98.16 (A Gateway issued Vista driver) with Forceware to get it to install (after properly removing all old NVIDIA drivers with Driver Cleaner) on Windows 7 and same deal as the update-issued driver that brought me here in the first place, runs fine until about ten seconds into San Andreas. I've ran SA uninterrupted on the computer for spaces of about an hour or so. I'd like no crashes. I'm about to repeat the process with .83.20, will post results.
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