Building a system for hard drive recovery..

I want to build a computer that I can hook up hard drives to do hard drive recoveries. When using data recovery software, what hardware will help the process go faster? Such as CPU , more ram, motherboard. Any input is greatly appreciated, or any directions. Thank you in advance
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  1. cpu speed wont be an issue . Cpu speeds are far higher than the speed of a SATA connector .

    Any processor will be fine , but a quad core may be more responsive .
    4 gig of RAM will be enough .

    A case with an external hot swapable drive bay for a sata hard drive might help
  2. Any PC will work really. The limiting factor is the drive your recovering from. i like to have a large harddrive because if the drive is actually failing(and not user stupidity) I immediately make a sector by sector clone of the problem drive. This way its just one long sequential read and you have all the data safe on a good drive where you can work with it. you aren't hopping around or running data recovery scans on a dieing drive.
  3. Thank you
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