Bad resolution in Full HD both in laptop and TV

Hi! I've a Dell L702X (Full HD) with nVidia Geforce 555 graphics card conected to a Full HD TV 32" BGH BL3211D with an HDMI cable v1.4 and when I move the window (for example a browser window) to the TV or something else, the resolution is preatty bad, unless comparing it to the laptop monitor.
Both frequencies are set to 60hz, and the monitor drivers shows Generic pnp monitor as BGH doesn't bring any.

Any advise how can I see correctly everything in the TV?

UPDATE: With AnyDVD software I can see the movies, but they are s grainy that bluray definition is not seen. Worse than DVD.
Thanks in advance! Guillermo.
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  1. Full HD resolution is 1920x1080 (it's also called 1080p).

    If your TV is full 1080p then make sure in your desktop display properties that you have the resolution of the TV set to 1920x1080.
  2. Yes, I have it set for both in 1080p
  3. The problem is with the piracy protect, but I don't understand as my Dell has legal software and the TV is supposed to be align with the HDCP.
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