Antec Twelve Hundred V3 with ASUS ROG Maximus GENE-Z

I've been speccing up a PC to buy next week and looking through all the extras I may or may not need.

The Antec Twelve Hundred case has a front USB3 port which is utilized via a USB to USB cable from perusing the manual, however the motherboard provides this functionality via a 19-pin header. Are there any adaptors to get the front USB on the header?

I've had a quick look and there appears to be some hoope, but I'm not even sure if the cable is male or female inside the case.

Any help is appreciated!
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    Here you go :).

    The case will have a dongle that looks like an ordinary usb connector that would come out of your keyboard for instance. It plugs in to one of the two connections shown in link, then the 19/20 pin goes to your mobo. I bought one myself for my Antec 900.
  2. Beautiful, that was fast! Thanks a lot!
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