First Gaming/Editing pc - Need help deciding what to do

Hey this is my first post and basically im here because im only 14 and looking to get into an IT career path bla bla and i want a decent desktop to edit and game on for the mean time because they are my hobbies. I currently have an Acer aspire laptop which runs ok but is no where near my needs for a pc. I've been reading around now for a couple of months and have saved up about $1000 (Australian currency). I have come to the conclusion that for now i'm going to stick to prebuilt pc's until i gain more knowledge on building them etc.

So basically i have come across two computers that seem ideal to me and i was wondering if yous could help me out and tell me if there any good for gaming and editing, any cons with the system or if there is a completely different way i should be going about this. Just remember i have a very limited price range and i live in Australia.

The two ive come across:

MWave AMD 2012

MWave Antec i5 system

Thanks and im sorry if this is a waste of time because i know im a 'noob' with this stuff and this probaly sounds stupid to yous but im really stuck atm :S
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  1. Buy the Intel i5 2500k build.
  2. Can you explain why to me? Just want to know what im doing and why im doing it.
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    Beacuse i5 2500k in gaming and a lot of benchmarks is better than any AMD cpu.
    The only advantage of AMD build is 2 X 6870 , that's a win in gaming. Intel build have just one 6870.But you can buy another to your Intel build for Crossfire and will be cheaper than AMD build.
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