Am I gimping myself upgrading from 2700k to 3770k?

Some guy offered me 400 dollars for my 2700k and p8z68-v pro, and I thought I might as well take this oppertunity for an upgrade, but the question is - is this truly an upgrade?

At max clock speed, which CPU is faster? I read that ivy bridge is noticably hotter than sandy at high clock speed. My 2700k is currently @ 4.5ghz and 70C under load with prime95. Is it safe to assume that I will achieve less than 4.5ghz with a 3770k. Will the 3770k get outperformed by the 2700k at same temperature, say 70C?

I can get a 3770k and p8z77-v pro for about 600 after tax, so the difference is 200.
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  1. Not worth it. Youd still have to cough up a $200 extra to get a 3770K and comparable motherboard not to mention having to reinstall Windows all over again and if you only have an OEM copy then youre gonna need another $100 for that as well.

    I dont think its worth it cause Ivy is only 5% faster than Sandy and really the only place youre going to notice 5% difference is in benchmarks. In real world use, theyd run pretty much the same.

    T'aint worth it.
  2. Well you might not have to get a new motherboard as long as you are ok with pcie gen 2 (which is enough bandwidth for quite a while) as a BIOS update should give your current board Ivy Bridge compatibility
  3. He would be selling the motherboard along with the 2700K.
  4. yeah you're probably right. It appears 2700k will outperform 3770k after reaching 4.8/5.0 ghz clock speed where 3770k simply cannot reach. I guess I'll wait for the next generation. Thanks, shepard, here's some credits...
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