Help removing Zalman Z11 plus front panel

I got this new case yesterday which is almost completely metric by screws and everything and today I tried removing the front panel to install a DVD drive but I have tried and tried pushing the pin latch things on the top but they are smashed looking and won't come off. I have gotten the 2 bottom ones undone that were round but not the other top 2 on both sides. Any idea's?
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  1. I had that problem once before, what i did was pull it out as much as a could then use pliers to push them together on the outside. Not sure if yours works the same way as that one so I hope this makes sense for ya.
  2. I tried that but it won't budge. IDK what to do anymore.
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    You may or not have figured it out by now, but on the bottom of the front panel, you can feel a slot that kind of feels likes it is made for a hand. You turn the case so the front faces up and you pull on the bottom as hard as you can. It should come off.
  4. I figured it out. I did exactly as above ^^^^
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