Programs to help boost PC gaming performance?

Ashamed to say but I have played PC games for years but never knew there was any legit programs that actually boosted PC performance for gaming.

First one I downloaded after seen several people claim it helped was Advanced System Care 5.

I also downloaded Game Booster 3 which looked pretty good and was reccomended by a friend.

Is there any other big important ones I'm missing? I'm upgrading my computer very soon and just wanted to clear it up and get best out of it until I upgrade.

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  1. From my understanding game booster doesnt do anything you cant do yourself, which is just disable unneeded background processes while gaming. In general none of these "make your pc run faster" gimmicks, really do anything you cant simply do yourself with already included windows tools, defrag, disk clean up, use task manager to halt background processes etc. etc.

    I doubt you will find many experienced gamers on Toms using such programs.
  2. Its not about boosting your PC rather its about optimising it to play the game you are playing to the best of its ability.
    Some programs like Tune Up Utilities have a Gaming mode but as already said that's doing little more than shutting down stuff you can disable yourself.
    Also as said most of us tend to do a little more "Tweaking" than that.

    Mactronix :)
  3. Game booster is actually pretty good, ive used it before. As others have stated you can do everything it does manually - but GB allows you to do it in 1 click, which is quite convenient.

    Other than doing some more manual tweaks, theres not really much else you could do, besides maybe OCing a little if it's possible with your machine.
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