Fan cable 3 pin- 4 pin adapter

So I accidentally bought the wrong fans, one of them is a 4 pin plug that looks like this

And all my other fans are 3 pins that look like this---

Anyone know where I can get a 3 to 4 pin adapter??? I can't find one and I have looked all over.
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  1. If I understand correctly, you have 3 pin fans you want to act as four pin types and want to know about about a possible adapter for that. It doesn't exist but I will link you to this thread from Overclockers that shows the schematics for making your own
    Or, you could get a fan controller (rheostat) and use that to control your fan speeds. I think that's probably the easiest route.
  2. And if its the other way around, then you don't need an adapter.
    You can connect a 4 pin fan in a 3 pin motherboard fan header.
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    The fan header connectors are backwards/forwards compatible with each other, thats why they have guide grooves to fit the guide tab on the mobo fan connector, the only difference with the 4-pin connectors is they support PWM speed management.
  4. My problem was that I needed to connect a 4 pin fan to a 3 pin source. I realized that a 4-pin is just a 3 pin with an optional wire to use, so I picked up

    this made it so the 3 pin would fit in a 4 pin
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  6. An old thread, but I think for anyone else still having this problem (including me) then the best solution is to buy one of these: -


    If you have 4 pin fans you want to install and have (for example) the Coolermaster Cosmos II case with a fan controller and only the 3 pin power cables from the controller, then these adapters are very useful.
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