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Hi everyone

I've always loved TH and it's actually the website that got be interested in technology! My laptop has recently died and so I need a new PC. I've decided I wanted a small form factor PC instead of a Laptop as my desk is quite small. Please take a look components I've selected and please free to give advice since this is my first build.

CPU i5 2500k £160.50

Gigabyte SKT-1155 Z68MA-D2H-B3 Motherboard (Rev 1.0) £85.84

G-Skill 8GBXL Ripjaws X DDR3 PC12800 1600MHz 8GB Kit £39.74

OCZ StealthXStream2 500w Silent ATX2 Power Supply 80PLUS

HDD - I have a few around so I don't need to buy a new one.

TP-Link TL-WN851N Wireless N PCI Adapter £18.91

Sony 24x Internal DVD Rewriter - Black AD-7280S-0B £13.99

Thermaltake Armor A30 Mini Tower Case - Black (No PSU) £66.98

For GPU, I'm undecided about a 560Ti or wait a bit longer for the 7850 which could mean a lower 560 ti price or picking up a great non reference 7850s. I do play games but I'm currently doing lots of university work so I'm not too fussed about having a dedicated graphics card at the moment.

My other question would be perhaps will everything fit in that case? :)
Lastly, the only component which I know nothing about (but hopefully after this I will) is the PSU. Is the PSU I chose ok? But honestly I don't know anything.

Thanks for all your help I really appreciate it!
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  1. All will fit in that case. My advice is to buy a modular PSU because your case is small and to not have a lot of cables inside.
    OCZ ZT Series 550 Watt 80PLUS Bronze Performance Fully Modular
  2. Hi lordmail, welcome.

    I think you should wait for the 7850, then make your choice based on prices and reviews. Like you said, when it comes out, keep an eye on the prices of other cards.

    Like sosofm said, all parts you listed will fit in the case, but check on the size of the video card you end up choosing.

    EDIT: Also, what exactly are you planning on using this PC for?
    Can you fill out the form found here:
  3. Hi sure

    Approximate Purchase Date: 1 week to 10 days

    Budget Range: 600 pounds

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Casual Gaming + Movies

    Parts Not Required: Hard drive, monitor , keyboard , mouse,

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Don't mind as long as it's reputable.

    Country: UK

    Parts Preferences: by brand or type Don't really mind either, I'm very flexible but I have a tight budget

    Overclocking: Yes in the future when the hardware is older

    SLI or Crossfire: Nope.

    Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

    Additional Comments: Needs to be small.
  4. Would you consider an Intel i3 or a low end (locked) i5?

    In a small form-factor build such as yours, you won't be able to fit any good CPU coolers (I'm thinking CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO or Noctua coolers), and thus might not be able to overclock much.
  5. If I get a i3 would that the 560ti or the 7850 to be fully utilised? and a "locked" i5 is only like a little cheaper meaning that imo it's worth spending a few more dollars for the unlocked version.
  6. Yeah, with an i3 you wouldn't bottleneck the GPU.

    And yes, I partially agree with you, but it depends where you do your shopping!
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