Qeustions on upgrading my pc

hey hey guys i want to upgrade my pc for gaming purposes the main qeuryi have is if i should upgrade my core 2 qaud q9550s to either a core i5 2500k or an amd fx 8120 , reason i want to upgrade is with the q9550s my space for expanding memory and mobo wise is very little U JUST CANT find any decent lga 775 mobos ou their so plz help

current pc specs :
gpu: ati radeon hd5870 1gb ddr5
cpu q9550s
mobo intel dg31pr :pfff:

memory 2 4gb ddr2 800 mhz

case cm storm scout

psu corsair gs600w

cpu cooler v6gt
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  1. Its not worth upgrading a LGA775 based system like yours, because the cost is too high to be justifiable.:) FX 8120 and core i5 will NOT work in ur current mobo.

    Your best option is to sell off your current rig, and buy a new LGA1155 based system :)
  2. yip thts what im planning to do im just asking what cpu would be a better choice lol
  3. The 2500K is the better choice, IMO.
  4. if i use my v6gt i can probably oc it a bit right ?
  5. If the cooler is compatible with LGA 1155.
  6. it is i have socket supporters
  7. I've used both CPU's and personally I think the i5-2500k is better than the FX-8120.
  8. If budget allows, the i5 2500k will not leave you wanting. The FX series is several steps behind the i5, the i3 3120 is about on par with the FX-8120.. If you're wrestling to stay in budget, the AMD machine will do just fine for you though.
  9. wow guys tnx alot i ordered a sick mobo and some insane ram with the core i5 2500k hope i can keep these parts for a while
  10. u sure can :D
  11. I'm sure you have several years at the very least before you'll need to upgrade to keep up. It really is a phenomenal processor.
  12. Awesome. If your processor lasted you this long, then I'm sure the 2500K will last you longer. :) Probably 5 years or more, depending on your uses.
  13. strictly gaming hahah tnx alot guys
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