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I'm wanting to build a gaming desktop and it would be my first build. The goal is to spend no more than 1k and have a comp that will run Diablo 3 and GuildWars 2 at max settings 60fps+. Could that be possible or achieved for cheaper? Thoughts?
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  1. You spending USD or GBP? Can be easily done dude.
  2. USD
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115072
    Intel Core i5 2500K

    Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3 Motherboard

    GeIL Enhance DDR3 8GB

    Western Digital Caviar Black 750GB

    Coolermaster Elite 334 Nvidia Edition

    700W OCZ ModXStream Pro Modular Power Supply

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler

    EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD 1280MB

    Sorry bro, stayed behind work a little to get that done for you. It might be a little over $1k but a solid base machine. Maybe swap out the GPU for a lesser one if need be, but for those titles you'll want a beefy CPU and GPU.

  4. Antec 750W PSU: $95 (free shipping!)

    Kingston HyperX 1600 4gb x2 (8gb): $42

    Vertex 3 120 gb: $160 and $20 mail in rebate

    dont get scared off the vertex 3. the new firmware works great and if it doesnt rma till it does. the performance is outstanding and ive had no problems with mine since the newer firmware (whereas i was bluescreening on the early firmware)
  5. Will this build last me 2+ years? Don't want to put any money into upgrades for awhile
  6. I'd go with the Antec power supply list above but go with a Crucial m4 128GB, they've had no issues like the older sandforce stuff. Go with an ASUS MB not the Gigabyte, my personal experience has been that the ASUS boards are much more reliable.
  7. Can I get some input on that build? No offense but 1k+ is a lot of money based off one opinion.
  8. id get a different mobo, i like the gen 3 asrock boards otherwise it looks good.
  9. Can you link me to the other mobo you're talking about in particular? And why would you get that instead of the listed one?
  10. because theyre well made and overclock well

    i also like asrock boards because you can reuse cpu coolers from older builds. i took the true120 off my socket 775 and put it on my asrock extreme 4

    as for a good cheap asrock board:


    bonus: the board is pretty slick looking too. gold caps with black pcb. lol =]
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