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Hello Again!,

I am currently building a PC from spare parts but I have to buy a few new ones to make it happen. The computer will be used for in order of importance: Surfing the web, Social Media, Youtube Videos, Paying bills, light gaming (Bejeweled etc) Here are the parts I have from the prebuilt HP I own

Keyboard & Mouse
Amd Athlon 64xII 2.4ghz
500gb HDD (idk the rpms or brand)
380w PSU
asus mobo (unsure of the model exactly but i believe its M2A**)
The rest I am going to scrap except maybe the hp case also has an SD card reader

Since most of my builds except for 1 are intel the 1 being amd phenom IIx4 960T I am unsure of how reliable or OCable the amd athlon 64s can be. Also what mobo type does it use AM3s i hear are backwards compatible but in some cases they are not. Any suggestions with these parts on a new build will be greatly appreciate my budge is $200-$300 but I would like to keep it in the $250 range. Thanks in advance for your advice
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    have you considered a cheap tablet or netbook? you can do all of those things with a $200 kindle fire while sitting on your couch.
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