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Hey guys, thinking about building a brand new computer that can run Battlefield 3 on High with no problems (at 1920x1200), and maybe on Ultra with lowered AA and whatnot. I guess my budget is around $800 (would like to spend less if possible) for the computer because I need to buy a monitor as well. Any recommendations are welcome!

Currently looking at:

i7 2600k for $305 from Amazon (how does that compare to the Phenom X6?)
16 GB of ram for $85 (I guess I can cut that to 8GB ram for around $35 if needed)
Either a GTX 560 (non-TI) or a Radeon 6870 for the GPU

I already have a 500gb HDD, as well as an Optical

Thanks for the help.
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  1. get the 2500k, you dont need hyperthreading. This will save you money that could go towards a more powerful graphics card. 6950 1gb or 560 ti.
  2. Agree, a 2500K is fine. 8GB of RAM is plenty also. No need to spend $$$ unnecessarily so you can get the 560Ti or 6950 card.
    A good monitor is an ASUS VH242H Black 23.6" 5ms HDMI Full 1080P. $169 on Newegg w/ rebate. Often available for $159 free shipping.
  3. I have a 5970 (about the same as the gtx 580) and playing BF# all maxed out with 4XAA is still difficult, I only get like 40 FPS. I usually play with 2XAA and then get about 90 FPS. Depending on what you mean by "no problems" you might need a better graphics card. I would suggest getting an i5-2500k (AMD loses at very price point, and the 2600k is completely unnecessary for games) and 8 gigs of ram (BF3 uses about 1).
    Heres a build:
    i5-2500k $210
    8 GB RAM $ 40
    ASUS p8z68 gen3 $180
    Some case $50
    Corsair TX 650 $80
    Zotac GTX 560 ti 448 $260
    Newegg prices
    This build will keep you set for a while. An overclocked 448 core is about as good or better than a 570. Good luck
  4. So now I'm looking at:

    i5 2500k $210 (How does that compare to a 2550k for $200?)
    I can manage to get 16 gb RAM for $54
    Asus P8Z68-V LX Motherboard (compared to P8Z68-M PRO?)
    GTX 560 TI GPU

    Would a 550+ PSU work?

    By High settings and no problems I meant I'd like consistently smooth gameplay at 1920x1200 (multiplayer) (I'm not sure what's considered a good amount of FPS but something that doesn't slow down dramatically when I'm standing in the middle of smoke) (I guess that would run more or less the same as it would on an XBox 360?).
  5. 30 FPS and above is playable, 60 and above is good. The 2550-K is wslightly ebtter, so if you can get one for cheaper go right ahead. 16 Gigabytes of ram for 54 is a great deal, congrats. I don't suggest skimping out on your motherboard and getting the LX, a good motherbaord allows for more expandability and better power distibution. I suggest this motherboard:
    In fact, I really do suggest the build I listed, unless you have an issue with it. I will post links to each product

    CPU: $220 (or if you can get one for cheaper or a 2550)
    Wherever you're getting this RAM
    MOBO: $180
    854$ for the complete setup, very powerful, reliable, expandable
  6. Oh yeah, forgot about the 7000's. However, the motherboard is fairly low quality, and only has two ram slots. That build and a nicer motherboard, and maybe a higher capacity PSU (for crossfire in the future) would be a good choice though.
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