1080p gaming, do I need a 2GB card?

Rebuilding my system from the ground up.. it's been a while, I'm rocking a q9300 and 4850 lol

My next monitor will be a 1080p 24inch display, intel 2500k..

My only hang up is whether to go with a 1GB 6950 or 2GB? Gonna be playing COD, BF3, etc at 1080.. so if the extra gig is worth it, I'll pay for it

Or whatever is the best card around $200 will do
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  1. bf3 does make use of the extra vram my 2gb 6970 uses 1.8gb while playing 64 player
  2. If you had 3 GB you would probably see 2.8 used. If you have it, the game will use it. There is always something a game can use the extra mem. for.
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