Minimum cpu for youtube?

Hello, I am wondering what in your expirence has been the slowest cpu you have got to smoothly run at least 360p youtube videos.

My family has an old PC with a Pentium III 450MHz that plays them but too choppy to really want to watch.

One of my relatives has discarded a pc with a Pentium III 600MHz (Slot 1) and I was wondering if this would suffice? I would just try it myself but my dvd burner has recently died and my XP disc has a tiny little scratch that apparantly was in just the right spot to kill the disc so my spare dvd drive wont read it.

The 600MHz PIII has a nice thermaltake cooler and I'm hoping to at least get 700mhz out of it.

Interestingly enough my grandparents have a computer with a 1300mhz tutlian Celeron that struggles to playback youtube videos, perhaps because of the 8021E graphics?

My Netbook with an Atom 1.6GHz can playback youtube videos fine, which I would have thought had lower IPC that a 1.3tutlian celeron.
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  1. just put ubuntu on a USB for that discarded PC. anyhow i had an old Pentium III 500ish and it struggled to watch online and divX videos. handled a dvd no problem.
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  2. Closest I have had was a P3 1.0ghz laptop and it was fine. It is more the vidoe card that will help or hurt you..

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  3. You want a gpu for hardware acceleration!
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  4. My secondary PC (Athlon XP 3000+ (2.166Ghz) with a 6600GT) can barely do 480p YouTube, so take that however you will.
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  5. I wouldn't go any lower than a Pentium 4.
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  6. no issues with playing 720p content using an intel atom (single core w/ ht) based compaq mini, but you can get so much compute power for very cheap now - i'm guessing you have a case, drive(s) psu, monitor/tv & accessories already, so £100 would buy you all you need to play 1080p movies (providing you have a display capable of it) and much more. consider the bargin sandy bridge based celeron / pentiums if you need more cpu power or the amd apu's if you need more graphical power. you should be able to get either type of cpu for about £40, a mobo to match for $30 & 4gb of ram for under £20 :)
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  7. ooops, typo - meant £40 for a mobo, just slipped abit to the left, lol :sleep:
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  8. Yeah, we have an old pentium 4 witha GT 7300 and tha ran youtube fine. Bear in mind though, that a weak GPU will stop you watching more demanding HD videos.
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  9. Youtube's help page says that a 500mhz PC with 128mb Ram, 64MB video Card are minimum requirements.

    If you had the above machine running a tiny linux setup (like DSL) you should be able to watch up to 480p videos without stuttering.

    Now, if you are running a FRESH copy of windows, you'd probably want 650+ mhz at a minimum. If your copy of windows is an old installation with a lot of crap stealing your CPU time, you're not going to hack it at under 1.4ghz.
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  10. My acer aspire E1-570 (specs: I3-3217u at 1,8Ghz 6gb ddr3 and an 850 evo 500gb ssd) Has trouble running YouTube smooth in both chrome and edge. And I don't know why. Cpu usage is 70% while watching a 1080p video and Ram usage is 48%. I have a wired internet connection and a clean copy of windows 10. Is 1,8Ghz not enough?
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