Ethernet Cable?

This question may be totally dumb, but I was wondering where does the ethernet cable go so I can get internet access? That question makes it apparent that im a completely new builder, but I already have a decent list of parts im going to buy but to my understanding the normal slot for that comes with the motherboard. This is the one im getting but I dont see a slot for it.
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  1. It is labeled RJ-45 Gigabit Lan Port it is bright red right above the USB ports in red also.

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    Look at the 2nd picture in the link you posted. RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet Lan port is where the cable goes. It connects to a wired internet modem, either telephone, called DSL, or a cable modem from your cable service provider. It looks like a phone jack but is a bit larger. Often called CAT cable.
  3. Thank you, It looked like a another usb slot so I missed it.
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