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I'm getting my new pc parts 2morrow morning to build my very first pc and amoung the parts I also ordered a anti static wrist band at first was just because i was being a worry wart Because its my first pc build and all but now since I ordered it the weather at my place has gotten so cold I cant sleep with out sleeping nxt to the heater

and so I've been reading up on what causes static and one of them is very cold weather and instant heat mixed like if u wear a jumper in the cold.

while trying to get the house warm changing the cold to hot instantly inside the house and that creates static

so I need to wear the static wrist band but problem is idk what to clip the anchor clip to because the case is limited edition and is painted all in black the original comes with normal unpainted Chassis and I dnt feel safe clipping the anchor clip to the earth inside of the outlet I'm Australian if that helps on the power outlet we have n how it works so with them 2 options outta the question what to clip to so I dnt static damage my $1056 build btw the case is called a aero cool VXE limited edition case
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  1. You don't need an antistatic wristband at all. All PC components have internal circuitry to reduce the impact of static shock to the point where you would quite literally have to rub them all over the back of a housecat in order to damage them. Even then, the damage will come from the pissed off cat and not the static.

    If you're still concerned, you can hook the wrist strap up to any grounded metal surface. This does not have to be the case itself and can include air ducts, hot/cold water pipes, gas pipes (don't worry, its perfectly safe), any electrical box, any appliance with a metal frame, etc... they call it common ground for a reason.
  2. I have never damaged a component by static in 15 years of IT support, I even rubbed a processor against a wolly jumper and a balloon and nothing happenned, yes i was bored!
  3. I did not want people telling me u can do with out I'm Gunna use it no matter ur experience with pc's it's not me it's not the same situation n it can only be something around a wooden table in the kitchen n the sink is too far to ground to it with my wrist band n really not Gunna work nxt to a kitchen sink cause I ain't screwing this up all I'm wanting to know is can I ground my self to the psu or a unpainted screw on the case I'm just saying cause if I'm grounded with a anti static wristband n if I still static damage a product I can get a replacement if I dnt take safety steps so I dnt they can say its my falt for not taking safety pre cautions just wanna build this with no chance of damaging my stuff I know every 1 says its hard but in my situation n my first ever build n me being worryed and all I just wanna take caution and if I cant ground my self to some unpainted part on the psu or a un painted screw on the case this really form is really just ment for replys by people who use or use to use anti static wristband I dnt mean to sound pissy just when I find forms that say how to use a anti static wristband nearly all people who comment say u dnt need it I'm asking where to clip it not should I use one
  4. For give my spelling mistakes I'm using a iPhone that changes my words
  5. Yes you can ground yourself to the PSU, just make sure that the power cable is connected. You can leave the power witch on the back in the off position, the ground will still be connected.
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