Member Rankings: Points, Status & Badges

Guide to Member Rankings: Points, Status & Badges
- provided by saint19

Hi all.

Everyone on the forum is granted points, a "forum level", a global rank, a monthly and a specific rank in everyone sections in the forum.

Your points rise up at the same time that you explore the forum and start to write answers, comment articles, open questions or discussions and other stuffs.

For example, when you created a “Question” you win some points that are added to your profile and point counter. The number of points that you win depends of yourself.

1. Here are the current Tom’s Hardware levels:

1.1. Newcomer: 0-149 points
1.2. Youngster: 150-499 points
1.3. Apprentice: 500-1499 points
1.4. Regular: 1500-4999 points
1.5. Veteran: 5000-14999 points
1.6. Addict: 15000-49999 points
1.7. Expert: 50000-149999 points
1.8. Master: 150000 or more points

2. How do you get these points?

Isn’t difficult:

2.1. Opening a “Question” thread: You win 15 points.
2.2. Opening a “Discussion” or “Poll” thread: You win 10 points.
2.3. Posting an answer on a thread: You win 4 points.
2.4. Posting a comment on news: You win 4 points.
2.5. Being selected as the “Best answer” in a thread: You win 40 points.
2.6. Selecting the “Best answer” for a thread: You win 25 points.
2.7. Create your account: You win 50 points.
2.8. Confirm your e-mail: You win 50 points.

As you can see, from the beginning you start with 100 points that are for create your account and confirm your e-mail.

3. I can see many people with badges, how do you get these badges?

Here is where the “Best answer” becomes useful. You can be selected as the “Best answer” in any section of the forum and this “Best answer” only counts in that section. For example, you get a “Best answer” in the CPU & Components” section, that “Best answer” only counts in that section BUT add 40 points to your global points.

The requirements for win a badge, depends of the section and the badge that do you want. For know how many answers do you need to win a badge, in the right column do click on “Manage my profile” and after that, on “Status & badges”. Can’t see the right column? Take a look of the option “Hide the right column” in the picture, in your case must say something like “Show the right column”

After that you will see a window like this:

Set the pointer of your mouse over the Section and badge that you want and will see a notice in a little pop-up window. In the picture my mouse pointer is over the CPUs Bronze badge. In the picture you also can see the pace where do you can find the total of “Best Answers” that you have in the section.

4. How do you know how many points do you need for the next level, your global rank and monthly rank?
In your “Status & badges” page you can find all the information.

For check if you are in the top ten of the month, in your “Status & badges” page, look for the option “Check your rank” and do click on it.

After that you do click in “Check your rank”, you can find something like this:

Here you can find all the sections of the forum.

5. What does the hammer mean next to a person's name?

The hammer icon is a forum reputation feature aiming to identify members helping the community with high quality contributions. You can see users with a bronze, silver or golden hammer next to their name. Well, that hammer means that the users have five (5) or more bronze badges for the bronze hammer, five (5) or more silver badges for the silver hammer and five (5) or more gold badges for the gold hammer.
Thanks to elel for his suggestion.

6. Final notes

5.1. Score updates: The score isn’t update in real time you will need to wait 24 hours max before seeing your actions in the score.
5.2. Monthly rank: When every month begin, the monthly rank needs some days to update the rank and start to create it. This is normal.
5.3. Penalties: Trying to fool the system by publishing numerous threads or answers will not work. Any moderation action applied to an account will translate into score penalty.
5.4. Multi accounts: Create more that one account to select yourself as the best answer will not work, and in the same way that with Penalties, any moderation action applied to an account will translate into score penalty.
5.5. For another different problem not mentioned in this guide, PM to any moderator and we help to you to solve your issue.

Welcome aboard and I hope that you enjoy the Tom’s hardware forum, we are happy for have you here.
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