Gx 620 ... upgrading processor to core 2 duo...

I have dell optiplex gx 620 in tower....
3.4 cpu.
40 gb hard.
1 gb ram.
Builtin gpu..

I want to ask,, Can I upgrade my processor to core2duo...
And also tell me about the best compatable graphic card for games....
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  1. I would post this question in the dell forum on their website. Dell doesn't provide cpu upgrade information like hp; they would rather have you buy a new dell system than upgrade your old one. If your board has the Intel 965 chipset, then an older 1066 fsb core2 duo might work, such as the e6600. But if you want to use a wolfdale cpu (.45 nm) then the answer is no. Use cpuz, a free small file, to identify your motherboard model, ram, and cpu specs.
  2. Max supported CPU for this machine is Pentium D which is the dual core, C2D family is not supported by this model.

    Any mid range GPU will be bottlenecked by this CPU, upgrade your system it's very old.
  3. PC will use Foxconn LS-36 motherboard, came in two socket formats, 478 and 775.

    From your description, I think you have the 478 Pentium 4 3.4, which means no upgrade path.

    If its the 775, only worth going for the Pentium D is you get it real cheap with the cooler, or you will have to pay another £30 or so for a good cooler.
  4. You need a whole new system for best results. Putting any money into that system would be an absolute waste.
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