Does it matter if my graphics card is too close to base of my tower

I only have one slot between the base of my pc tower case

and the graphics card

The card is a gtx 460 super overclock.

But does the distance matter in terms of heat ?
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  1. Get a program to monitor the GPU temps (MSI Afterburner is a good one eve in you don't want to OC your GPU). If idle temps are mid 40's then they are too high. A stress test may produce temps in the 90's for that GPU.
  2. If it is too hot then either move the card, change your cooling to the GPU or case, or get a new case.
  3. or get a new motherboard so the gpu is one slot higher

    what about a 16X Ribbon Cable
  4. but in sli

    won't it be a problem also ?

    It will be if you bump this thread again. :non:
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