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Needing help selecting a new Gpu

These are the current specifications of my pc, nothing fancy.

Currently when gaming I play with minimal settings as far as graphics are concerned & I would like to up the stats a bit. I'm looking for suggestions on stand alone cards to stray away from onboard. (I'm aware a more powerful card will require a more powerful psu) ...Any suggestions? Just looking for something not too over the top, but capable of handling more games & with higher graphic support. Keep in mind my case is a slim-line design.

Case specifications:

Height 10.6"
Width 3.9"
Depth 14.5"
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  1. You're going to need a new PSU before you can really get a decent performance card. That can be really cheap though. A 400 Watt PSU would certainly cut it for a Radeon 6850, which is a good mid range performance card, and would be well balanced with your processor. You might want to wait for the release of AMDs 7000 series cards though. They may be substantially faster.
  2. The problem is going to be the case.
  3. A new psu is on my list of things to upgrade aswell. Like 'Jsc' stated, my case is a problem. I've been searching & trying to find a decent card that would fit within my specifications.
  4. Yeah, it will be the case. You will need a low profile card, the best you can do is a Radeon 6670.
  5. can you change your psu?
    it says in the product description page that your pc's psu has maximum 220w.
    no description on the motherboard.
    your case is narrow, so you'll need a low profile gfx card. but first, you'll need an upgraded psu that fits inside your case. without at least 450+ watts, 80+rated psu, you shouldn't upgrade your gfx card because the rest of your specs are quite power hungry. ask in the power supply section for psu advice/recommendations.
    these cards should fit your case:
    MSI R6570-MD2GD3/LP Radeon HD 6570 2GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Video Card

    SAPPHIRE 100326LP Radeon HD 6670 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Video Card
    the 6670 is more powerful than the 6570, and has faster video memory. the 6570 is cheaper but it has 2 gb vram - total waste on the gpu. these were the 2 newer cards on newegg.
    recommendations are based on price. make sure that the cards fit inside your case and rest of your specs.
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    Hmmm. de5 and I posted nearly simultaneously.

    I searched newegg for low profile cards that include low profile brackets. Found two:

    The MSI card didn't show up in the egg's advanced search functions.

    I think your PSU uses what the egg calls a micro ATX PSU. If so, the fortron is the best of the bunch:

    You will need to measure your PSU to match physical specs.

    de5, we are, for all practical purposes stepping on each other's edits. :) You shouldn't have struck the MSI card. You were right the first time. Click the link and take a close look at the picture with the box. It shows low profile brackets.

    In fact, there are probably others that also include low profile brackets that the egg's search engine do not show. KuruptiOn, if you do not like these choices, you will need to look at all the low profile cards to see which ones do include the bracket.
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  8. i didn't notice the 2 gb ddr3 vram at first. when i did, i dedcided to withdraw recommending it, i don't think that 6570 can utilize 2 gb vram. the 6670 with Gddr5 seemed like a better performer (although, pricier).
    OP could get a new psu and a low profile gfx card (cheaper 6570) - that's better.
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