What am i missing here?

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  1. The motherboard connector is gold plated?

    Oh, wait. They are all gold plated. Never mind. :)
  2. It's just a mystery, going through reviews. Even the 580 is a far better value, and now there are 7970s around. You're not missing anything.
  3. no, i am missing something. you can get other 6970's for $300, this has the same bandwidth , same gddr5 ram, same gpu ...this isn't a x2....$275 heatsink?
  4. Yeah must be a mistake on Newegg's part or something.
  5. Here's a review that's as bewildered as we are, which means that this is an ongoing thing. http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Powercolor/HD_6970_Devil_13/31.html
  6. I think it is because of the accessories that comes with the GPU.

    Look at the whole package:

  7. Well, shucks. I didn't realize that adding screwdrivers added so much value.

    I'm in the wrong business.
  8. Yap, they are selling packaging and accessories. More shots of the packaging here:


    For me, I don't care as long as it is warped in an anti-static bag.
  9. It's their "custom overclock"-y series. The factory overclock is apparently the highest of all the 6970s.


    Didn't say anyone should buy it.
  10. A ridiculous OC, which makes it...almost close to as good as a $500 580!
    That review loved it, actually, but it seems like they didn't ever see a price tag.
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