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$600 Premiere Pro cheap build

Last response: in Systems
March 19, 2012 11:02:46 PM

After trying out PP CS5.5 on my laptop I realize I need a desktop to really edit video. I only have around $600 to spend so I know I am going uber cheap. My needs are simple, I don't think I will use more than 2 tracks at a time and will just be doing basic effects, I really need something that can preview video at a decent frame rate. I am just looking for something that is workable so I can learn the software and hobby around a bit.

Purchase Date: around May

Budget Range: As close to $600 as possible (rebates OK) $400 would be ideal, but I think that is cutting way too many corners

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Premiere Pro 5.5

Parts Not Required: kb mouse monitor speakers etc (just looking for stuff in the box) I already have all the software.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg amazon, also don't mind scouring classifieds/craigslist

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: Am most comfortable with nvidia/intel/asus but I want whatever is most reliable (I'm sick of laptops with junky outdated drivers)

Overclocking: Prefer not to unless it is a common overclock (I am fine doing it, but I don't want to risk burning it out)

SLI or Crossfire: Fine with onboard graphics, but would appreciate ability to expand in the future.

Monitor Resolution: TWO 1920x1200

Disks: 3 disks minimum. One for OS/progs (50-100gb pref SSD) one for scratch (No clue as has this should be... lots of small drives in RAID? just one drive? How big?) one for data (ok with this being a titch slow... 1tb is minimum) I will do my own backup setup

RAM: As much as possible.

Additional Comments: Quiet(er) and small(er) is better.
July 5, 2012 10:12:46 AM

What video are you editing? That by itself largely determines wither you need a separate scratch and data drive or not. Do not settle for onboard graphics, even complete POS NVIDIA gpus will accelerate Premiere if you go through the tricks to add them to the support list- as long as its Fermi architecture, generally.
July 5, 2012 10:19:04 AM

mahidoes said:
Core i5-3570K

8GB or 16GB Ram (Choose 2 modulels 2x 4gb or 2x 8gb)

Samsung 830 128GB SSD

Corsair powersupply

If possible GTX 580 or higher Graphic with atleast 1GB

Opitcal Drive for Authoring

There you go

That would cost much more than $600. A 6870 would cost less and give moderate to near awesome performance. 600W powersupply from a reliable brand would do good and give you some room for OCing. He doesnt need an SSD if he really needs to budget it. He also didnt mention anything about Xfire/SLI. An i3 2120 would be better at his budget. Also that mobo is unavailable at this time :)