Ok to leave graphics card hanging?

Just finished a new i7 build, and I was wondering if it was bad that i let the graphics card hang there. It is an HIS 6950, and i have it locked securly in place and everything is working fine, but I notice that the far corner sags just the tinyiest bit. I noticed on my last computer that its card was sagging a lot more. My case is an extended atx, and there is no arm to support it. Will any long term damage result from it being left unbraced?
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  1. I think the PCI can get damaged
  2. So what should i do to keep that from happening?
  3. It should be fine, if you move the computer I would prob take the card out to prevent damage. That's what I normally do.
  4. Well just put something to avoid the graphic card to drop. And take it out when your not in use to avoid droping. Good luck =)
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