Problem with graphics card and network card

i got a nvidia geforce 9600 graphics card and a broadcom 802.11g network adapter

i recently bought another monitor to hook up two monitors to my graphics card, but everytime i plug the second monitor in, the network card won't connect to my router..
i have tried reinstalling the driver for my network card, however nothing changes..
i couldn't seem to find anyone with a similar problems, so any advice? any other information needed?
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  1. i found the issue is not something with the dual monitors.. it just doesn't like the new monitor period...
    both monitors are hooked up to the dvi slots on the back of my graphics card, the one that works perfect is hooked up to a d-sub cord and then a converter to dvi
    i have the new monitor hooked up to a hdmi cord and that is connected to a hdmi to dvi converter

    still same problem with my network card
  2. i feel i haven't given enough information.. so i want to say i'm running windows vista..
    my driver is kind of old however i can't seem to find the nvidia geforce drivers online.. maybe someone could point me to them?
    i also believe the problem is they are trying to use the same irq numbers or memory spaces.. however my device manager reports no conflict.. is there a way i could change the priority of my graphics card vs my network card??
    both cards are hooked up via pci express slots, the graphics card is in the superior slot, would switching their spots have any effect on priority?
    please any help would very much appreciated
  3. Well i fixed the problem by turning the resolution on the HDMI monitor down to 1152 x 864

    sucks because my other monitor is at resolution 1680 x 1050

    the nvidia control panel has HDCP enabled because it's hooked up through a hdmi cable.. i think this might be slowing it down.. anyway to turn it off?
    does anyone have any advice at all?!? lol
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