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Hi, to start I'm 15 years old and I'm on a pretty tight budget, $400. What I'm looking for is a stable computer that will be able to handle gaming, not at really high frame rates on the highest settings just something better than 20 fps at lowest settings across the board. Also it will be used for picture editing and video converting. But it doesn't have to be anything that crazy, since the best thing that I have even had is a stock ASUS CM1630-05.

Here what I have picked out, I looked at some off the build people are doing and picked certain things out.

AMD A8-3850 $130
AMD Phenom II X4 965 $125

4gb DDR3 PNY ram $20

DVD drive:
Samsung dvd drive $22
PATA dvd drive with PATA to SATA adapter $3-4 or less

Hard drive:
Cheapest one I can find
use PATA 250 gb Seagate Barracuda with PATA to SATA adapter? $3-4 or less

Linux and XP 32bit $0
(It'll work till I can get windows 7

Power supply:
waiting till I see what I going to need power wise.

Anything that holds computer together
(Would you recommend any cases with a built in power supply or should I go with a separate one?)

Would like to go with ATX because its only a few dollars more
(What would you go with, ATX or Micro ATX)

Graphics card:
Spend whatever is left over of the budget on it
(Don't know whether or not to go with crossfire/sli. Is it worth it and does it require anything extra to have like a better psu?)

Sorry that the first version of this was a mess. Thanks for anything you can tell me.
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  1. Wow. some formatting would make that a ton more readable. Also linking to parts will help.

    Don't forget windows. That's another $80

    If you shop around on deal sites for a couple weeks you can put together really good values.

    One example of a cheaper PSU:

    The graphic card is actually the most important part of this build... you should spend as much as you can on it.
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    How about a nice Fusion based amd system, here are a few basic choices well within your budget.

    Motherboard: 64.99 ASRock A75M-HVS FM1 ( )
    CPU: 119.99 AMD A8-3850 ( )
    Memory: 19.99 PNY 4GB DDR3 ( )
    Case + PSU: 59.99 (
    DVD Burner: 17.99 ( )
    TOTAL: $282.95

    This would get you a solid CPU with GPU so that you arent spending X dollars on a cheap GPU to just toss away later on. Then you could either try a Hybrid Crossfire utilizing the Radeon chip or a higher powered one. I selected a single 4GB chip since this smaller board only has 2 DIMMs, you could get 8GB (2x4GB) in a name brand chip for around $40 if you would like. There are tons of cases + PSU's that meet your budget, The HEC brand i've had good luck with in building 6 different mid end systems for Businesses and no duds. If you went with this build, you would have enough left over for a copy of windows 7 Home if you wanted to go that route as an alternative to Linux. Or if your set on the linux, your able to get a 1TB hdd or so and still come in under your $400
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