The heat sink plastic connectors broke

the heat sink plastic connectors broke so for now I'm using gravity to keep the heatsink in contact with th cpu. mine is a c2d e4400. the idle temps are around 30-34 at load its above 65 and thats without the thermal paste(I literally took off the heatsink and set it up for better contact).. so what should I do? should I apply the paste urgently or can I wait for a few days?

and btw what are the normal idle temps and load temps on stock fan
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    Here's the temps and other specs for your processor:

    As for the HS/F, I would get a replacement as soon as possible. Replacements are cheaply found at places like ebay if cost is an issue:
    If you are running with no thermal paste, I can only assume your clean up job didn't remove the left over paste from the metal pores. So it is still getting some benefit from the old thermal paste.
  2. You using the stock heatsink with push/pull clips, YUCK!

    Spend £30 and get a nice Hyper 212 Evo, will cool that beast down, give you lots of overclocking heat headroom and uses a proper retention mechanism.
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