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7970, Should I wait?

There are aftermarket cards out there already but none of them are like OCd or have those fancy new fans other than the XFX. So should I wait, and if so for how long?
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  1. Depends on what your after
    Personally i'm waiting to see if Sapphire does a TOXIC version of the 7970
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    the xfx is good i dont see why you would wait if you have the money already?
    buy it now its brand new and has good reviews.
    it should last for a long time
  3. I just worry about whether or not to get a new one since importing the damn thing to where I live costs nearly as much as a 6990 or a 590. I'm actually thinking of a crossfire setup but I don't know if I should get the 6970 or 7970. I mean price wise which is the better option taking into account the long term implications of such a setup.
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