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I'm in the process of putting together a new machine mostly for gaming, and I'm not sure how much I should actually allocate to the Power Supply. I'm thinking a 750W cause I'm gonna have an i5-3570K and an HD 6870 with 8GB ram, and then 1-2 7200rpm drives and a standard optical drive. I'm trying to save money as much as possible, but was wondering, how cheap is too cheap?
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  1. I was considering leaving Crossfire open as an easy upgrade option. The board i have picked out has 2 x16's so I figure that I might as well. That would bring up the question as to whether it would be better to just get a PSU that could do 2 cards now, or wait until i get a second card.
  2. Well. Then you have to state a budget because crossfire / sli demands psu's that are reliable and of high quality enough to not blow up while under load.

    You can't really go "cheap" on a PSU when you're going to power $400 worth of graphics card...

    Think of PSU as insurance for the health of your psu.

    Would you rather have full coverage (quality psu) for a car crash or no coverage / crap coverage (generic / cheap / crappy psu)?

    I rather have someone else pay me $5540 for collision repair than pay for it myself...
    true story btw.
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